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"Patients' Choice Award" by Vitals.com

Dr. Sam Naficy has been awarded the "Patients' Choice Award" by Vitals.com - a website dedicated to rating the quality of physicians across the country. Out of 720,000 physicians, only 5% received this honor.


BOTOX in Seattle

Performed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon, Botox treatments are one of the most effective cosmetic procedures performed in Seattle. This quick and relatively painless procedure can make a real difference in the signs of aging around the eyes. Seattle facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sam Naficy, is nationally recognized for his experience in advanced techniques of Botox treatment. Read more about Botox


THE FEATHERLIFT FACE LIFT TECHNIQUE - Offered by Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

See how you can turn back years in just minutes with this non-surgical facelift procedure (also known as Feather lift, Thread lift, Suspension face lift, or Contour lift). Combined with Botox, Restylane, or fat injections, you can get the younger face you want without the down-time of facial plastic surgery. Read more about the Featherlift procedure......



Seattle, WA - Facelift techniques with minimal recovery.
Healing and recovery time after facial plastic surgery is much less than most people would suspect. The majority of our face lift and neck lift patients need no more than a week before returning to work and social activities, some requiring less than 2-3 days!



By his medical peers in Seattle for his expertise in facial plastic surgery
Seattle Magazine

Cost of Surgery

Cost may be an important factor. Most of us have a budget and all of us would like to get a good deal. But any consideration of price must be weighed against value, in this case something you will be wearing on your face everyday for the rest of your life.

The old axiom 'you get what you pay for' usually holds true in facial plastic surgery, at least on the low end. Surgeons who markedly reduce their price below the competition usually have a reason, and typically not a good one: they're either not busy or they work on volume (doing many procedures and doing them quickly). Worst of all, it can mean he or she isn't very good. Be weary of "established" surgeons who rely heavily on advertising. This typically means that they may lack a loyal clientele base of happy patients and must advertise to get new patients.

Our office will give you a surgery price quote following your consultation. This estimate is based on the procedure(s) to be performed, the facility fee, and the anesthesia required. All of your post-operative clinic visits for one year are included in this price quote.

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